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Last Updated: Feb. 9th, 2002

Number of items currently in the DB: 42

The Hardware and Software info links go to pages that contain images of various hardware and software packages, including as much information as I have been able to find or determine about the item. These are by no means the end all be all of hardware and software for the Apple ][, but rather a starting point to help whet your appetite. This is also the 1st version of this site. It will be a work in progress for quite a while. I myself have many, many items that I need to sort thru and enter.

The Apple ][ is NOT dead, and this site is here to help preserve it. This site contains a variety of links, including information regarding this incredible computer which started the personal computer era, software that is freely available (and some that is still commercially available for the Apple ][ line), hardware that is available (as well as pictures of the hardware), the continued useability of this platform, and finally Emulators that were designed to keep this computer alive for those of us who no longer poses the hardware.

Although I wish to make this site a tremendous resource, it should NOT detract from other sites dedicated to the Apple ][ on the net. Please visit those sites as well - by visiting them, and using them, you are showing the world that there is still value in this computer. This site is NOT in competition with incredible services like Delphi, or even better services like ( is a site operated by Syndicomm, and is the vision of Eric Shepherd as a replacement for Delphi as Delphi moves away from their text based services. Sheppy (as he is known on Delphi as well as A2Central) and his team (his team contains a collection of many of the who's who in the current Apple 2 world) are doing an incredible job making this service available to all of us Apple 2 enthusiasts.) They are valuable resources on the net that I use on a regular basis.

Also be sure to check out sites like - a site run by Tony Diaz; is an incredible reference site, as well has many pictures of various Apple systems as well as a text based hardware reference faq (Tony Diaz is also somewhat of an expert slot juggler. If you are having trouble figuring out where to put what, if you have an a2central account, log on and look for him, he can help you.)

I have put this site together to protect what is left of the Apple ][ references on the net. Although the Apple ][ was an incredible computer at it's time, support for it has been fading in recent years. There are some devote user groups that still meet and discuss the many benefits the computer brings to them. I want to help gather those materials and safeguard them. To do that I need your help. Please, if you have material regarding the Apple ][, whether it be how to program it, specs, general thoughts and feelings about it, using it today, software, etc. let me know so we can get it together and get it on the site and available for everyone. I do not want to steal anything, if you wrote something, you are getting credit for it.

If you wish to contact me, please send email to:

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